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Museum and research center closed for renovations. For more info, call (406) 444-2694.

Visiting the Research Center


The closure is necessary to allow staff time to prepare the collections for the renovation work that will occur in 2023 and 2024 in the Veterans and Pioneers Memorial Building.

During the closure, any research using original, non-digital archives or library collections will not be possible. However, online resources will be available, including historic newspapers, as well as all collections found on the Montana History Portal. Limited remote research services will also be available. The Research Center will re-open in early 2025. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please direct questions to

Reservations and preparations

Researchers may make a reservation by contacting Walk-in research is subject to space availability.

This one-page checklist explains what you need to know before your visit.

Researchers are encouraged to submit a registration form in advance to request materials and make the most efficient use of their time. Please send completed registration forms to .

To identify research materials, familiarize yourself with our collections and search our online catalog, finding aids, and indexes:


  1. Upon arrival all researchers will sign in and store any belongings not required for note taking in a locker.
  2. Researchers will complete a registration form if not submitted in advance.
  3. Researchers will be assigned to a research table or station. Care of the collections restrict us to one researcher per table or station.
  4. We have computers, photocopiers, microfilm readers and other equipment onsite. The research room has free wi-fi available for researchers.


  1. Archival materials and special collections are often unique, irreplaceable, and fragile. Please handle items with care and adhere to special instructions given to you by staff. For a full list of instructions, please refer to our Research Center Rules.
  2. You may use a digital camera in the Research Center; however, use is subject to our Research Center Rules.
  3. You may save scans from the microfilm readers, computers, and photocopiers using a personal flash drive. You may print from the microfilm readers and computers for .25 per page. You may make photocopies for .25 per page with staff approval.


  1. When you are finished researching, return all materials to your cart along with your registration form.
  2. Let staff know you have finished. You may request to have your materials held for a return visit.
  3. Pay for any copies and sign out at the reference desk.

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